At Shri Saairadham Technologies, we are passionate about helping businesses thrive in the digital age by providing a comprehensive suite of solutions to streamline operations, boost productivity, and drive growth. With a relentless commitment to innovation, we have become a trusted partner for organizations seeking tailored ERP solutions, cutting-edge IoT products, expert consulting, mobile applications, secure cloud computing, and seamless interface connectors to third-party ERPs.

Join hands with Shri Saairadham Technologies and experience the transformation that technology can bring to your business. Let's embark on a journey of growth, efficiency, and success together. Contact us today to explore how we can help your business thrive in the digital age.

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Our services encompass a wide spectrum of solutions, including customized ERP systems, IoT products, expert consulting, mobile applications, secure cloud computing, and interface connectors, all tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.


Microsoft Technologies

The fact that Microsoft Technologies single-handedly revolutionized the computer industry is something everyone agrees upon. The technology giant keeps pace with the need of the world and has products or services that touch almost every human being globally.


Embedded System

Headway in hardware and software technologies over time has resulted in the adoption of embedded systems over a wide range of products. The application of embedded systems has made life easier for humanity and we at Shri SaaiRadham Technologies are proud to be a part of it.


Web API Connectors

An API web connector is a crucial piece of technology that allows different software applications to communicate and share data seamlessly. It acts as a bridge between various systems, enabling them to work together, exchange information, and automate processes, ultimately improving efficiency and productivity.


IoT Development

The world is marching toward this innovation. We believe that every device should have its intelligence to get connect and speak to internet. So, its IoT.


Mobile App Development

Hand held devices have revolutionized the way we function. It has provided us with the comfort of getting our daily chores done with a touch of a button from our mobile phones.


Branding & Digital Marketing

Every business needs an social identity to serve it purpose. Its a peer pressure across the business to enable its social media presence. We commit to achieve the same for our customers.

latest projects

Shri SaaiRadham Technologies is making an aggressive progress in Custome Product development using Cloud Platform and below is a gist of it.

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We believe that Quality relys on the Service part of it and its an immense pleasure to hear our customer appreciation for the dedication

We have been in the garment manufacturing industry for decades, and our partnership with Shri Saairadham Technologies has been an absolute game-changer. Their dedication to quality, efficiency, and innovative solutions has not only streamlined our production processes but has also significantly enhanced our product offerings. We can't express our appreciation enough for the exceptional service and outstanding results we've achieved by working with them.

- Prabu Sivagurunathan

As a Hindu astrological guru deeply rooted in tradition, I am humbled and delighted with the technological support offered by Shri Saairadham Technologies. Their software solutions have seamlessly merged ancient wisdom with modern precision, enabling me to offer more accurate and profound insights to my followers. I am immensely grateful for their commitment to preserving and enhancing the timeless wisdom of Hindu astrology.

- Shri Kaliyuga Amarnath Swamiji

Our collaboration with Shri Saairadham Technologies has been a cornerstone in our real estate ventures. Their expertise in technology, especially in customized software solutions, has transformed the way we manage and analyze property data. This invaluable partnership has not only streamlined our operations but has also boosted our project success rates. We're genuinely appreciative of their commitment to our industry's growth and efficiency.

- Balaji Shanmugam

We are incredibly thankful for the exceptional services and solutions offered by Shri Saairadham Technologies. Their comprehensive school management software has revolutionized our administrative processes, making them more efficient, reliable, and streamlined. We truly appreciate their dedication to helping educational institutions succeed, and their support has been invaluable in ensuring our school's continued growth and success.

- Madhu Kulasekaran

Our partnership with Shri Saairadham Technologies has significantly elevated our export business. Their expertise in streamlining logistics, enhancing documentation processes, and ensuring compliance with international regulations has been invaluable. We genuinely appreciate their commitment to helping us expand our global reach and grow our export business successfully.

- Manimekalai


Shri SaaiRadham Technologies updates its progress in social media on every milestone it achieves.

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GPS Vehicle Tracker

Shri SaaiRadham Technologies provide GPS vehicle tracker with unique features and it has been designed inhouse, and

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By Admin April 10, 2018 3 Comment

eSMS - School ERP on Cloud

The welfare of student community is in our heart. We embarked on this mission becuase we simply felt th need for a more elaborate yet "a simple to use" application. The result of this journey is eSMS (electronic School Management System)., and

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By Admin March 30, 2018 3 Comment

Varavu - GST Accounting

Shri SaaiRadham Technologies built a simple and user friendly GST solutions for small and medium sized business, and

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